We're in a recession. So what!

There is still money to be made. Because people still spend money in a recession. First advice: avoid the news and all the negativity, turn it off. Move forward with your business, even if you're taking tiny steps, just move forward. Find what the killer value is in your products or services. Don't get caught up in all the features, focus on what is valuable and how you can solve your customer's problems. In order to effectively do that, you have to analyze your current services and products, keep in constant contact with your customers, and communicate. Look for great deals in advertising and make yourself seen as often as possible, it will pay off and you'll be the one people remember once the economy turns. So maintain visibility.

If you have a 9 to 5 job, look for a way to make income on the side, passive residual income is a great way to insure some extra cash. There are many autopilot opportunities out there.

Always remember, nothing lasts forever, nothing is ever permanent. Life flows and we have to flow along and know that there will always be a window opening as a door shuts. An old saying that still holds true today.


It will make you feel better and that will translate how you go on in your day, every step then will be a step towards productivity and abundance.


Have faith that God will always provide, and make sure you don't let doubt creep in and destroy that faith that has taken momentum.

Go take on the day.

Wake up every morning, meditate for 20 minutes, take a walk outside, sit and enjoy a tea or coffee - then start your day. So you've got to wake up an hour earlier to do all that, it's better than waking up late, and rushing to work while you're still half asleep.

Money tip of the day:

Remember, there is still money to be made, because people still spend money in a recession!

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