The 3 keys of life, how is it working for you? Step 2

Driving home the other day, I heard a sad story on the news (these days if it isn't sad, it's not news) but anyway, about a mother and her 11 year old who I believe were returning from camping in the Death Valley when she got lost. She tried her GPS system to find her way but ended up with a flat tire. With over 110 degrees, and very little to eat or drink, her son of 11 died.

I was still driving, even more carefully, but I couldn't help but look through the rear view mirror to glance at my three year old daughter and tear up. "What did she go through, seeing her son vanish under her own eyes" I thought.

And then, I let out a sigh of gratitude.

STEP 2: Be grateful for all that you have.

Look around. Look at those in your life. Look at things. Look in the mirror.

and feel the gratitude.

Step 3

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