BOOKS: There's almost something profoundly therapeutic when you reach for that book and settle down on your favorite couch - perhaps a cup of tea at your side -  for a good read. Whether it's a fiction, biography or a self-help book, what ever your preference. You know you will plunge into a new world, flooding your brain with imagination, stimulation and excitement upon receiving new knowledge. Hurray for books! Featured this month:

Star Signs, the secret codes of the universe Review: A book that's been on my book shelf for years, I recommend it for the pilgrim of new age thinking. Many revelations and mind opening topics. Read more... ~ Nat
Linda Goodman's Star Signs
Power, Freedom, and Grace Review: This gem helped me understand many aspects of life and spirit. I read it every evening before bedtime, and the energy it brings is amazing. Read more... ~Nat
Power, Freedom, and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness

MUSIC: It makes you feel good, like orgasm - need we say more. Music reaches you in ways you might not even be aware of, it can revive old memories and create new ones as well. When you listen to a music that resonates with you, you tap into the pleasure center of your brain, triggering emotions and leaving a lasting effect on your mood. Don't let the music die! Featured this month:

Idan Raichel Project Review: Mi'Ma'amakim (Out Of The Depths) is one of the first songs I discovered from Idan Raichel Project. This CD is filled with sounds of Ethiopia mixed with the soulful voice of Israel, the Idan Raichel Project takes me away to places I've been and felt beneath my feet. People I've met briefly but who have touched my life in depth. I can listen to this song over and over and never get tired. "Out of the depths" has been my discovery this Summer and the album is filled with surprising and beautiful sounds. Each song, a work of art. A wonderful fusion of Israeli, Ethiopian and Middle Eastern influences. The Idan Raichel Project ~Nat

Sonic Aid: Music to Improve Relaxation These six programs adding up to a little more than an hour long listening experience truly promotes a relaxed state of mind. It starts with a piece called "the embrace" and slowly takes you through with subtle combinations of smooth melody, and various rhytms and tempo to the last piece appropriately titled 'a breath of fresh air". The booklet included offers great background to music basics, explains the four distinct brainwave zones affected by the music and gives you instructions how to get the best results. Reduce stress and enter a relaxed state of mind with Music to Improve Relaxation. I listen to it and I love it! ~Nat