You can now get your coffee reading online! 

Simply drink your Turkish coffee in the quiet and serenity of your own home. Then upload mobile snapshots to the site and get a reading. The benefits: it is a reasonable cost, and you get to have your reading all written out which is perfect for future reference.

A coffee reading is done by using a cup of coffee as though it's a crystal ball. Ground Turkish coffee or any fine ground coffee is used when cup readings are done. After drinking your coffee, you turn your cup and let it sit for a few minutes, the residue left at the bottom of the cup creates patterns when turned over. These patterns can trigger insight; the reader will interpret these insights according to what they mean to him or her as he/she lets the information flow intuitively. 

The reading can be significantly accurate. It is recommended to drink the coffee slowly while relaxing, and contemplating your inner issues, as it is believed that doing so will affect how and what symbols the coffee grains will shape into. 


How to prepare a good Turkish coffee and make it ready for a psychic coffee readings.

- Turkish, Greek, Armenian coffee... use the finest grind you can get or you can buy whole bean and ground them as fine as you can. The coffee becomes like powder. On most machines, it is the finest grind possible.

- Obtain an IBRIK (a pot designed specifically to make Turkish coffee.)

- For one person, Fill your Ibrik with one cup water to one heaping teaspoons of the coffee. Stir lightly. Add sugar if you wish. I like mine with a teaspoon of brown sugar.

- Place on stove top (temp high) and DO NOT WALK AWAY!!!!

- Things will start to brew and a foam will build, when this foam rises to the top, take off the stove (before it spills) and pour into your cup.

- If you don't have a typical little Turkish coffee cup, use a mug, fill half way as Turkish coffee is strong to drink a whole mug full unless you have no problem with strong coffee 😊 . Drink until you slightly feel the grains in your mouth.
Then place the little plate on cup, spin three times, turn over. Let it sit for five minutes to help it drip and dry.

- Turn your cup back over and snap some pictures, several sides including the bottom, you may also take a second picture of the bottom of the cup after you have put your thumbprint. ( an extra
little step )



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