Are you risking your health each time you brush with poison?...Take a lucky guess.


They said that they put fluoride in our DRINKING WATER! because it helps prevent cavities.
Why would these people (companies and government) go out of their way and suddenly care so much about our teeth ?
Just another low cost method of getting rid of their by-products which comes from fertilizers.
Actually for decades and centuries there are some people in this world that haven't used fluoride in the cleaning of their teeth, and DID NOT develop any cavities, just routine brushing and flossing and replacing sugar with stevia is enough for good oral health.
Just like in our previous post sugar, poison
, fluoride is toxic poison as well. It makes sugar look like a cute kitten purring to get your attention.

Here's a brief listing of what fluoride does:
1-It reduces your IQ.
2-It eventually starts to damage the brain.
3-It affects the central nervous system.
4-Studies show that fluoride does not provide that much
positive cavity-fighting effects.
(countries without fluoridation have shown to have equal or better dental health.)
5-It impairs the immune system.
6-It causes birth defects.
7-It builds up in the bones (causes hip fractures).
8-It causes bone cancer and is linked to uterine cancer.
9-It causes skeletal fluorosis.
10-Inhibits key enzymes.
11-Suppresses thyroid function.
12-infertility in some men

-These are some of the effects of fluoride in our bodies.
-In the U.S. , fluoridated toothpastes are now required to have a poison warning on them.
-So many countries have banned the use of this substance in water and food.
-Carbon water filters do not filter out fluoride from tap water.

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"Forget about the cool, fresh taste of fluoride... WE taste a minty-fresh documentary."

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Anonymous said...

I was shocked reading this. It's no wonder pediatricians order flouride free toothpaste for children under two. I guess we should go continue with fluoride free products.
#1 and #12 concerned me - a lot! I heard eating carrots and apples helps in cleaning teeth, any truth to this?