The Halloween 'Poison'

Well, Halloween is here and it's time for...candy!! yeees!! However, one thing synonymous with Halloween is...bad health. And this bad health comes from all that candy in the bag. There is a way to enjoy the great tasting candy and not develop any health issues. The solution ?

Organic Candy!

Here's what you should find in the ingredients:

1. Citric Acid: natural preservative.

2. Organic evaporated cane juice: the natural juice of sugar cane where only the water has been removed, and the vitamins and minerals are retained.

3. Organic brown sugar: a sweet liquid extract and contains fiber, magnesium, manganese and zinc.

4. Natural Color: derived from mostly vegetables and plants such as red cabbage and beets, annatto, turmeric, etc.

5. Natural Flavor: which come from fruits and certain plants and trees such as tangerine, green apples, goji berry, lemon, ginger, cinnamon, anise, vanilla etc.

Compare these with the bad, unhealthy ingredients:

Processed sugar, gluten, GMO's, FD&C coloring, artificial flavors, dyes, synthetics, pesticides and preservatives.

Organic candy:

Nutrition facts and ingredients lists

Have a safe and healthy Halloween!

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