Choose positive affirmations, why would you choose anything else?

Inspired by Dr Wayne Dyer, a significant teacher in my life, who has written countless books on the subject of positive thinking, I have become incredibly passionate about the power of affirmation and how it works. 

In the beginning when we hear about how the simple act of changing your thought process can change your life, we tend not to embrace the idea quite easily. But when you grasp it, the world you knew seems to vanish, the person you were seems to shed and a new you is risen. Understanding the potential of positive thinking and how your thoughts literally shape your life, is very powerful.

A positive thought is an affirmation, a positive statement that you make to yourself consistently day after day, and the key is to make your statement with feeling. Repeated affirmations will sink into your mind and implant themselves in your subconscious. The subconscious doesn't know what's true or false, it doesn't judge, it simply responds to your thoughts and feelings which you feed it. It absorbs your feelings and thoughts and guides you and inspires actions that will eventually bring to pass what you desire, or what you don't desire. So it is best to focus on what you do want in life, what you do need, and want to achieve rather than what you don't want.

Ultimately you're end desire is one and the same, for example, "I want a particular kind of relationship" would be the same to your mind as, "I don't want the other kind of relationship". However, if you focus on the kind you don't want, that very kind accompanied by the bad feelings it brings, will be picked up by your subconcsious, and that kind of relationship will be exactly the kind you will come to experience, because that was your focus, mentally and emotionally.

So why would you not choose to focus on what you do want? Choose positive affirmation.

Either way, let's face it, we just don't know if what we focus on will come to pass, it might or it might not. So you can live with fear and negativity each day with the chance that maybe or maybe not your fears will manifest. Or, you can live with faith and positive and optimistic thinking with the chance that maybe or maybe not your greatest desires will manifest. Why on earth then would you choose to think negative thoughts that will of course also bring bad feelings. 

Choose positive affirmation.

Choose to affirm what you want, need and desire, feel what you would feel when you imagine already having what you want and stay with that feeling. Never waver your faith and focus always on positive thinking. Choose to see the glass half full. Because whether you choose to see it half full or half empty, it's still the same glass, which part of it you choose to focus on will determine how you feel, and if you've got to choose between feeling good or bad, is it even a choice? We all want to feel good at the end of the day.

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