Yoga Parent: What Kinds of Behavioral Seeds Are We Planting?

Recently, I became aware of a mysterious “snooze” button that I had been pressing on a few problem behaviors that my children exhibit. Instead of treating minor episodes, as if they would last, I simply accepted problem behavior. The snooze button was actually a seed planted for germination, each time I touched it.
Usually, sports activities and regular displays of love will teach a child confidence and emotional endurance. However, I believe, the mystery seed of a problem behavior left unattended is like an abandoned lot in a neighborhood… You know riff-raff will take over, unless someone with a heart tends to the lot.

For example, a scream or cry that bent my last nerve always seemed that it was an endurable (although barely endured) part of parenting. As I heard the wails from my child, when I asked them to stop a beloved activity, I thought that was a behavior that would work itself out over time. I hit SNOOZE.

I noticed a gap between my parenting (long-term) goals and (short-term) tactics. I saw the immediate and long-lasting consequences of this and other behavioral problems, and then I tempted to act.

Finally, I heard another child telling their mommy that my child was a “crier.” Basically, as a touchy-feely parent, I let emotion carry me to action. Careful to apply a reaction from this emotion, I committed to researching Positive Behavior and Reinforcement with greater intent.

I researched problem behaviors and positive parenting, again. It seems this topic is as deep as I need it to be. I find new information with every research opportunity. On this occasion, I felt overwhelmed. My SNOOZE button was exposed to be a parenting tactic that could encourage my child to develop very poor social skills and emotional glitches… That was looking at the bright side.

I accepted my need for assistance and support. I began looking for local resources to support my quest for proper social and emotional development and positive reinforcement. I gained a valuable team player in parenting. Delfina Newton made me feel empowered just in a brief phone conversation. My parenting goals no longer feel like a dream-philosophy. After talking with her, I am certain that my parenting instincts can root and provide structure!!!! She believes that play is the way to better parenting and better childhood development; her contact information is listed below. Thanks, Delfina.

Learning to Balance, I love awareness and breath: Mind Body Spirit.

Recreation Fun For All
Certified Recreation Therapist offering programming in Ventura County.
Social Skills Classes: All Ages, After School Enrichment: Hands on experiential learning!!
Early Enrichment, IEP Consultation, Education/Behavior Consultation: both in the school and home
Parent Education: Workshops Available
Research continues to demonstrate just how valuable play and recreation are to development.
Play nourishes every aspect of children’s development; it forms the foundation of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills necessary for success in school and life.
Delfina Newton, MS CTRS
(805) 915-9005

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