The Calming Pill, a natural remedy for PMS

"My husband is a natural critic, so he said it sounded like a crock of make-believe."

I am occasionally challenged by hormonal shifts and PMS. The downside is a slight depression and irritability. Last month, it was laughable.
My mother takes a vacation to visit me from across the country. She knows that I am heading into my PMS. She wants to be near me for my optimism and compassion -- So, she is wishing she visited on a different week of the month. She knows that I am not one to take prescriptions to alter my mood, so she asks me to find a natural foods grocery store. We went to Sprouts, and she walked straight to the vitamin isle. After speaking with a vitamin consultant, she presented me with a natural remedy for my PMS.

The helpful and knowledgeable lady said, this vitamin supplement was getting a nickname as, "a PMS Cure." Though, she spoke of other success stories in the calming effects. People have used it to manage the stress of quitting smoking and weight loss... She also gave us a laugh with a story about her manager, who is male, sneaking under the counter to chew a couple of these vitamins. He was looking for a break from stress without claiming to have PMS.

I chewed a couple as we bagged our goods and headed for the exit doors. As I was chewing, my 3 year old decides to browse the cute animal cards on a spinning rack. He finds one that he wants to keep without purchasing. With cramps and cranky impulses rising, I glared at him. Within seconds after chewing the tablets, I was giving my 3 year old a loving stare that meant more than words. He was resisting me for the sake of an argument. As the vitamin restored my ease, I was no longer encouraging him to argue. He lost interest, and he chose to return the card.

The next day, we traveled 30 minutes by car to play mini-golf in Ventura. A typical, beautiful Southern California day, I was enjoying a round of putt-putt with my boys, my husband and my mom. I wanted to cherish the moments without conflict. Then, my husband begins using a rough tone to remind our kids that their enthusiasm must be channeled to enjoy proper golfing etiquette. With the aide of the "calming pill," I made simple suggestions that encouraged the boys to respect boundaries and rules. And, I comforted my husband with my confidence that the boys would eventually understand... It was delightful. As we were getting in the car, I made a comment about the benefits of my new-found Stress-Relax alternative.

"I believe the increased production of alpha brain waves is helping my ability to be relaxed despite my cramps and PMS." I laugh with my mom, then continue to discuss natural cures.

My husband is a natural critic, so he said it sounded like a crock of make-believe. He believed the vitamin supplement to have given me the illusion of curing my mental anxieties and hormonal shifts. I asked him to give them a try. I knew we would be heading into traffic, and he is usually in a rage with the idea of a slow-down in traffic. It being a Sunday, with his dread of the work week, he chewed the Pharma GABA without too much prodding. As we drove on the interstate, he said the vitamins were definitely bunk and not helping his mood in any way. We hit a wall of traffic, and he began thinking of alternative scenic routes. We changed lanes and took a coastal drive without a word of complaint. My mom and I just looked at each other with a smile...

Yeah, I think these vitamin supplements are nice to have around.

Pharma GABA is a naturally produced form of the brain compound Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA). These chewable vitamins are produced by Natural Factors Canada.

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Jen said...

I will have to give my husband one of those pills! :)