Change is inevitable - embrace it today.

There is one thing in life we can never escape, change. I often resisted change, fought it, cried over it; but change always happened whether I wanted it or not. Even when I wanted the change, it felt like being pulled away from what I had become accustomed to - fear settled and risked sabotaging my path. Change is the result of a dissatisfaction after all, if we are whole and happy and satisfied in ever way, why would we seek change? Change knocks when a void begins to build inside us, there is always a need for change because there is always a desire to grow.

Learning to embrace change truly is the key. Going through any transition can be difficult, and there is a way to make it a smooth one. Be present in the moment and appreciate every aspect of yourself, your life, your situation, be it personal or professional. Be grateful for what you have right now, even if what you have might seem little in comparison. Maybe you have no job, your financial status is not where you want it to be, maybe you're living in a small apartment or feeling frustrated in your current employment, perhaps you are simply bored. Whatever it is that is calling you to change, be grateful for it.

Once you do that, on some level, you will feel a shift. You will begin to see your present circumstance as the pivotal point in your life causing your world to slowly crack open, change is emerging. Change is hard, but it is necessary for our growth and expansion of our soul.

Therefore you should embrace it, welcome it with open arms while being completely grateful for everything that surrounds your life at the moment. In the midst of it all, always ask for guidance. When your heart is open, not frozen in fear; when your mind is open, not frozen in the past; life will direct you on the right track. The one you're meant to be on. Change transforms lives and helps us evolve, and enlarge our capacity for joy.

Water must move forward, if it doesn't, it will stagnate and the smell of it is most awful.


Anonymous said...

After having read this article, it make me think a lot about my life and how I tend to stay frozen in the past. It made me more conscious about my feelings toward change and now I look forward to change. Thank you for opening my mind and my heart!

Contributor said...

thank you Diana, for sharing.

I have experienced being stuck in the past myself and it is such a great joy to finally get that glimpse of "it's okay, life is good and will be good tomorrow" it is very freeing.

Again thank you for connecting your Spirit. :)