Time Management problems?

These days a woman is expected to do it all, I know I am. Take care of kids, husband, business, housework, and stay in touch with friends less you loose them. It's not easy and it takes a great deal of organization otherwise you will loose the momentum and that's when the stress begins.

I have begun to conquer this problem by allocating a certain time for every aspect of my life. If I have to leave the laundry sitting in that all purpose room a couple of days then so be it. If I use the dish washer instead of washing the dishes as they present themselves, so be it. If I have to take an hour in the evening to slow down the pace and read a book and make it an obligation, I deserve it.

Yes, we deserve time to ourselves ladies, after all we need to recharge to take on the next day!

  1. Have you ever said "I don't have time?"
  2. Have You ever wished you had more time?
  3. Do you think about opportunities lost because you did not have time?
  4. Have you ever been overwhelmed because of lack of time?
  5. Have you ever missed a deadline?
  6. Do you feel you are always in hurry?

Here's a great webinar coming up and I encourage you to give yourselves the time as I will, to attend this event I think we all need and can learn from:  Managing Time, Is it possible?

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