Kavanaugh? Who?

We all have feeling about this guy Brett Kavanaugh!

Some of us like him, some of us don't. We all have the right to our opinions. I have my own.
I don't want to talk about it anymore! Uh... well yes I do, because this world will not shut me up, just because this leadership has shown me that what a woman says does not really matter enough to fully investigate. Yes fully investigate, something we know was not done.

What many around me are forgetting is that Brett Kavanaugh is not under criminal investigation. He is in a job interview, a most prestigious job, one that might have great effect on many of our lives. So I for one expect a diligent back ground check on such a candidate for such an important job! Why, I've been to a few job interviews myself, I highly doubt I would be hired had I had a temper outburst and crying fit because an outsider whispered something in the ear of my potential boss. Nope, I would keep my composure while I defend and debate the issues at hand which have appeared like a speed bump on my way to the best job of my life. I would not risk loosing the opportunity to be hired by telling lies, or shamelessly redirect the question to the big boss interviewing me.

But isn't that what this judge did? Putting aside the entire allegations on sexual assault, and way before we even knew of a Dr. Christine Ford, this judge was lying under oath. He had lied in past hearings, he has lied in this current hearing, I would think if I lied under oath before judge Kavanaugh, he would not give me a pass. Yet he was given one, by the republicans, by the president, and some Americans.

My ever humble opinion is, he should have been disqualified based on the realization that he was not forthcoming in his answers and has lied under oath. I am very certain this great United States of ours has produced many judges with high credentials that could have easily been nominated, Merrick Garland for one, he ranks higher than Brett Kavanaugh, in fact he is his boss!

It has been a shameful day in town, but nothing is forever, not even a judge... though it will be a long ride so hold on tight.


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