Health issues isn't just for humans, my cat was gaining so much weight with all the dry foods and can foods I was giving him. We got scared he might develop some serious problems. He used to be lean and "mean" and very active, then he became so fat and would hardly move. We decided to seek the advice of Celeste Yarnall, who is also a customer of my husband, and she shared all the reasons why we should switch to raw foods.

At first we weren't sure, but we finally decided to give it a try, yes it is a bit more costly to have to buy ground beef and all the supplements required but it sure would be more costly in veterinarian bills if our cat got ill. So we switched. I buy ground beef from Costco, and right away prepare the mix with the enzyme supplements, and raw vegetables, following the exact instructions supplied by "celestial pets". I then bag them in freezer bags, each bag is for two days worth. Obviously you can't keep that amount of meet in the refrigerator. So we freeze the bulk and put out a bag as we need.

Our cat has lost significant weight, his coat is shinnier and he is happier and more active and playful as he used to be when he was a kitten. I noticed that he drinks less as well and that is a good sign. I highly recommend trying this raw meet approach and find out more about it by logging on to

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