Step by Step Breathing in Power

The first step is breathing as an exclusive object of attention (a.k.a. focus.) Focus only on breathing in, then focus only on breathing out.
Focus all attention on sensations produced as you breathe. Lungs, naturally and without interruption, fill up and empty themselves. Senses are heightened by bringing your attention to the nostrils, chest, or abdomen.

Step Two: Fill your Diaphragm.
Locate the top and bottom of your diaphragm. The lowest muscle involved that houses your breath is your pelvic floor. Use your lowest abdominal muscles to increase your breathing capacity.

Whenever you inhale, send your breath to your pelvic floor. Fill your lower abdominal muscles, as your belly fills like a balloon. Then allow your back and sides to expand, filling with breath. Finally, allow your collar bone to be lifted by your inhaled breath. This is a full inhale.

Step Three: Empty your breath in reverse order. Allowing your collar bone to settle into place. Gently, squeeze air out of your back and sides. Finally, pull your belly button in to touch your spine.

As your breath awareness practice matures, this attention can be expanded to the body as a whole. Be sensuously sensitive to your whole body, to complete the “om” feeling. Being sensitive to the whole body, breathe in and out.

Imagine a current of purely positive energy inhaled through your nostrils. As you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, you signify to that energy that you are want to embody life. With each inhale and exhale, you complete a circular path of energy. Awareness allows a body to enjoy the intensified sensuality of each breath.

Christy Camp, RYTT 

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