My Annoying Husband - Ahh!

He leaves his socks around, he gets so into his movie he can't hear me calling. He works past 6pm. He has this habit of eating too much bread, always leaves his plates near the sink not in the sink and he won't do dishes. Did I tell you he snores through out the night?  Yup he does and it can get loud. I complain about it all... but does he listen? Nope.

But wait! 
Flash back and reminder to Self!

He is a hard working man and provides for his family.
He compliments me when I've succeeded a great meal.
He picks up the table after supper.
He occupies our 4 year old so I can catch a breath.
He suggests a night at the pizza place when we've had a tough week.
He makes a pretty delicious chai latte in the evenings......

Recently a widow made a comment that shifted my perception, she said: "I would love to see his dirty socks lying around everywhere, because that would mean he is still here".
So yes, when the annoying aspects of my spouse arise, I embrace them, for they are as much a reminder that he is still here with me. And the enjoyable aspects he offers, reminds me that he is here for me.

Making a Spirit Connection: 

Life with a spouse is never always bliss - but it's better than being on a ship and facing stormy weathers alone.

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