Small choices can have a big impact in our future.

A grade school kid came to see his history teacher after class. With what he had just heard during class about wars, famine, and disasters; he asked his teacher,
"is there good and evil?"
"What is this?" said the teacher. "You seem to have not paid attention!"
The kid started getting agitated and clutched his history book.
"I see you haven't even opened your book to study, no wonder you're so lost" continued the teacher.
Angry, the kid began to raise his arm with the book in his hand.
"See?" said the teacher, "I guess there is evil."
The kid took a deep breath, and started lowering his arm, and put the book back in his school bag.
"See?" said the teacher, "I guess there is good."

The choices we make today shape our lives in the future.

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