Faith In Love

People out there in this world are dying of hunger, no bread, no water, and most of the time they are being ignored. But what starts the chain reaction to help and find the solution to this global problem is, Love. How can that be ? Well, these people don't just want bread, they are dying more for a little love, and by starting to recognize more about other people's problems instead of thinking only about ours, then maybe we could start that chain reaction which would propagate like a virus.
However, that same love that we plan to give has its pros and cons. The pros- love has to be true, and it's only true if it's being shared, meaning put into action. The cons-when you love and expect to receive something in return, that is not love, real love is to love without any conditions and expectations.
True faith in love is when we give to people. Someone might feel that charity is all about feeling pity. It isn't. Charity and love are the same, with charity you are giving love, reaching out with a helping hand, not just the money.

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