...No greater theme can be emphasized.
No stronger message can be proclaimed.
No finer song can be sung.
No better truth can be imagined.

This Universe has called you to be in a spiritual growth pattern.
Sometimes we are more victorious than other times.
But the progress is a movement forward and higher.
Families become strong, not because they have gone to school
and learned the rules, but because parents pay the price to
be different.
Because they inculcate the Good Book's truth in everyday life,
conducting their relationships in the realm of wisdom,
understanding and knowledge.

Proverbs say: By wisdom a house is built and through
understanding it is established.
Through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare
beautiful treasures.

You have always been walking with Him Who dwells
within us all. He helps us live better, deeper and broader.
You have committed yourselves to Him Who knows the times
and the seasons.

God bless you always and may you rest in His love.
Act in His love. He will do exceeding abundantly above
all that you ask or think,
according to His power that works in you.

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