Are your subconscious emotions holding you back?

How to understand your subconscious emotions is key to your actions and reactions to any situation in your life. Try to be conscious of your reactions next time someone praises you or makes a bad comment and hurts your feelings. When you observe yourself being angry, for instance, reacting and saying harsh things; ask yourself this question "why?"

For example, a woman I know, upon hearing certain condescending comments toward her, would react immediately with a fit of rage. If we were to analyze her behavior, we'd see that this woman doesn't truly understand certain parts of her emotions, those parts are the parts she doesn't know about, and that is why she reacted. When you're more conscious of your emotions, you will slowly learn to resist reaction. The parts in that woman's subconscious are the deep hidden feelings she has experienced in the past. In her case it was during childhood. When she was little, her mother had taken her to a cafeteria, and while being there her mother saw a friend and started talking to her, meanwhile she told her daughter to go sit with some kids nearby. She did and she felt unimportant, and belittled. When we look at her as a woman we can summarize that her angry reactions to condescension is brought upon by a deep emotional experience of feeling neglected.

The power of the subconscious can be positive and negative and therefore very important to clean house emotionally, and we can accomplish this by being more aware of our own reactions, discover those emotions deep inside which are the ultimate cause, bringing about negative effects in our lives today. Once we've cleared the air, we can use the power of the subconscious to re-build, renew and be pro-active rather than reactive.

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