An overview of "the power of your subconscious mind".

I love this book by Dr. Joseph Murphy. I received it as a gift many years ago, and I have read it once but often return to it to be reminded of the many keys and steps that help me draw the endless power that is within me, and within you all.

Sometimes we fall off the bike, but so what, we can get back on and ride it again. This is how I feel about the Power of the subconscious mind. I understand it, I have learned how to use it, I practice it but sometimes as life can be overwhelming, I forget it, and fall off the "bike" but once you get the basics of the principle of the subconscious, you can easily get back on track. The book clearly defines how the mind works. It shows historical examples of its power and offers practical techniques to start exercising it in your life.

When you fully absorb and digest and the principle sinks in to your deepest level of understanding, you'll begin to naturally work with it. You can use the power of your subconscious to improve your everyday life on every level: love, health and financial freedom. There are no limits after all except the ones you set. Think of the bees kept in a jar for a long time, when you open the lid, they stay in the jar. The sky is the limit but they believe otherwise and remain prisoner of the jar. We are sometimes like these until we are awakened. The Power of the subconscious mind did just that in my own experience, it awaken me from my souls slumber.

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