The 3 keys of life, how is it working for you? Step 3

I will never forget the statement "choose happiness" I don't remember when or where I heard it first but I do remember my reaction: "choose?" I had gone through life thinking happiness happens to you. But ever since that statement, I learned otherwise.

Do I feel the blues? Sure, I think we all go through those times. In those moments, remembering to choose happiness makes a world of difference. Everything in life, after all, begins with a thought. So does happiness.

Step 3: Choose happiness

So the bills have to be paid. Choose happiness
So someone hurt your feelings. Choose happiness
So you were deceived. Choose happiness
So you lost your job. Choose happiness

Whatever is happening in your life is just another chapter, the page always gets turned and a new chapter awaits. Life goes on, and when you choose happiness through it all, it can go on to better and bigger things because in reality, when you make the conscious choice to be happy, you are constantly tapping into the positive energy.

When you increase the positive energy around you, everything will begin to flow accordingly, remember like attracts like.

If things still go wrong in your day despite your efforts, these are temptations to lure you away from your positivity. Consider them a challenge and don't stray from your goal - happiness. Choose it today.

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