It's Time For The MIQ !...."The Box"

(MIQ) the 'Movie Interactive Question'

-Based on the movie "The Box" by Warner Bros. Pictures, we ask our followers this MIQ question-

One day you're going about your business at home doing your chores, your work or just relaxing when suddenly the door bell rings... 
After opening the door, you see this very tall and gaunt fellow with an inscrutable face standing there holding a small mysterious box. You ask him about the reason for his visit. With a blank look on his face, he tells you to take the box. You take it and on it you see a red button. You ask him why he's giving you this box. The man replies by saying: "we've observed that you and your family have been going through financial problems, therefore I have a proposition for you. Upon pushing on this red button, I will give you all the money you need. However, by accepting this offer, someone you don't know, somewhere in this world, will die."

****The Question for our MIQ followers:

Would you press the red button?...Remember the man could give the box to someone else after you've pressed it and who knows 'who' may die after that.
You could leave your intriguing answers in the comment field below.
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Thanks for taking part!

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Anonymous said...

I woould struggle at first, ultimately I think i would reject offer.

Linda said...

There's no way I would accept such an offer,at the other person's expense,I can't do that.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Ursula. said...

First of all I cannot believe anyone in his right mind would ask me to do anything at the expense of someone else. That's insane!
Second, I will reject his offer.

J. said...

The point is, the person that's going to accept or reject the offer in his or her right mind ? Not really the man who's offering.