We can't turn our lives over to fear

Have you heard the news lately?

I won't even give any more power by repeating the horrific things I've been hearing on the radio, t.v., and online news. No matter where you turn, there it is, bombarding you with it, constantly repeating it over and over, like a broken record. Using the same statements and words to describe it. It sure brings you down but it also creates this illusion that you are surrounded by nothing but bad people, bad circumstances, bad surroundings, bad neighbourhoods, bad world. You feel the world has gone mad, (maybe it has) but this morning I read a line out of a news blog that was talking about yet another horrific case, and the man said "We can't turn our lives over to fear". Nothing exceptional as far as statement, we've heard this many times.

Yet without realizing, it seems I was doing just that - turning my life over to fear. Feeling my energy drain, anger surface, hopelessness settle deep within. This morning I made the conscious decision to turn off the radio if they had no good news to announce. Yes you've guessed it, the radio remained off. Why is it only bad news and bad people that make the headlines, hmm?

Is there no one to celebrate on the face of this earth, nothing amazingly inspiring happening? I know there are, but apparently not news worthy, are we to blame? Does T.V. turn us into blood thirsty creatures? or is T.V. a reflection of our society.

Have you seen the shows on T.V. lately?

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