'Give Thanks' to Health with Healthy Choices

With Thanksgiving upon us, we have a few tips on making the whole Thanksgiving experience a bit more healthy and mouth-wateringly delicious!

Starting with the appetizer:
A salad with spinach and apples (loaded with calcium, folic acid, vitamin K, iron, flavonoids, polyphenols, malic acid and pectin)

Side dish:
Roasted vegetables (as some people cringe at the sight of veggies, by roasting them and adding a few seasonings, it will be more tasty and most importantly, you will get the health benefits)

Braised Brussels sprouts (these mini cabbages are a good source of fiber and has anti-cancer agents)

Green bean casserole (rich in manganese and vitamins C and K, green beans could help prevent colon cancer)

Cranberry sauce (rich in antioxidants, the juice of the cranberry, can be effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections)

Sauce of main dish:
Besides all that sodium in gravy, the alternative would be apple cider gravy (apple cider health benefits)

Sweet potatoes (known as a blood sugar regulator, it contains beta-carotene and proteins)

Pumpkin pie (packed with disease-fighting nutrients, this fruit is low in calories and also rich in beta-carotene)

With all that delicious food there's an outside chance you may have leftovers, but in case you do, you could simply create a turkey salad, just add some tomatoes and seasonings.

One final note, take care of how you handle the turkey before cooking.

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