David Simon's Free to Love, Free to Heal - a great buy!

I like this book that teaches how "love" can be a great source of happiness. When you begin to understand that negative and ill feelings can hurt you and be a detriment to your well being and health, you begin to make better choices and be more conscious of your thoughts. Being aware of what worries you only invites more of what you're worrying about and can help you switch your thinking in the moment when worries start creeping in. Anger and resentment only hurt you, not the person or people your feelings are directed too. David Simon's book reminds us of these truths and teaches us how to honor the wisdom of the body and gives us direction on how to make our life more useful. Usefulness is a very important factor to keep our mind, body and soul health. A great book to own to start the New Year on a positive path:

Free to Love, Free to Heal: Heal Your Body by Healing Your Emotions

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