Astrology and Love, is there a pattern?

I've been into astrology for a while, I've read the books and attended the seminars, gone to a few astrologers and had my chart done too. I enjoy it! While I tend to avoid the horoscope column in the newspapers and magazines, I can't help but glance at the large screen hanging from the ceiling of my favorite coffee shop when my daily horoscope is displayed, my eyes linger to see my husbands too, and then my children's and my mom etc.

I really don't think we should take horoscopes so seriously, but astrology is an entirely different matter. One of the best astrologers in my opinion was Linda Goodman, her book "Sun Signs" and "Love Signs" among others, are real gems. After reading them over and over, I basically was able to know people's signs just by observing their behaviors as well as their physical attributes. My favorite is when I meet someone and they tell me their sign, after listening carefully to the subtle characteristics they give about their mate, I will throw in my conversation "what sign is he, a Leo?".  Lo and behold, they have this look on their face of astonishment. "How did you know?" they would ask. I tell them "bit of a guess, usually your sign often connects with Leo's..." and in general, you will see many couples coupled up according to their sun signs.

Yes, there are many other aspects that can contribute to the compatibility but I've come to accept that there is a basic astrology truth we just can't deny. Fire signs do incredibly well with air signs, water and earth also as these are complimentary elements. Some signs like two Scorpios might connect on a powerful level, a romance for a best seller novel, but will it be an easy ride? More likely not. There is also another important aspect you should look into when analyzing yourself with your mate. What sign is your love planet Venus in and are they compatible? These are the details, you can get an even deeper analysis by doing a couple's chart. But as Linda would say, the sun will always remain the most powerful influencer.

Read Linda Goodman's Sun Signs and Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart, you will find her knowledge and the way she explains the signs most helpful and her wit is a charm.

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