A Healthier Valentine's Day

During any time of the year when we are eating chocolate we may get carried away by its delicious sweet taste-unless if it's dark chocolate-and forget that it may be unhealthy to eat so much-unless if it's organic chocolate.
Cacao has more than 300 ingredients, raw cacao retains these nutrients after processing, which makes it more vital to your health.
The antioxidants in organic raw cacao powder is around 20 times more powerful than in green tea and around 15 times than in red wine. It also has magnesium good for the bones, it has heart healthy essential fatty acids, and other nutrients.
Dark chocolate contains more of these nutrients than the regular chocolate because it has more cacao, some manufacturers have even made 92 per cent dark chocolate.
If you could find sugar free chocolate made with stevia extract, the better for your health.

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