New Year. New You.

Well you've heard the saying, love your neighbor as you would love yourself? I suppose you would only understand how to love if you love yourself first. So this year don't give yourself such a hard time, look yourself in the mirror and know that you are unique and special. What ever your list is, put yourself on it too, in fact put yourself on the top. You are part of the "to do list" Reward yourself with something you enjoy doing, it could be for an hour a week or a day out of the week, doing what would energize you. A more energized you will create a more loving, and more productive you! Love yourself, you are worth it and when you love yourself, you will draw more love to you.

Time to get healthy! Ya, ya, I know. All these promises we make ourselves, resolutions we take and not keep. It is however, very easy to make a change in the health department. Again, don't be so hard on yourself, imagine when you first rode a bike. When you fell off the bike, so what, you just got back on, right? You may start a new diet, and kind of go back to your old ways, that's fine. Stop yourself and start again with your healthy eating plan. Slowly but surely, when you're forgiving of yourself, the plan will soon become a habit. Try doing one thing each month. Maybe February (the month of love) love yourself enough to make all your annual appointments to the physician, get it done. Another month, make it a point to learn new healthy recipes. One more thing you can do is a "total wellness cleansing"  A great way to kick start your health plan.

I also recommend the "Quantum Wellness" a great read, it will open your eyes and definitely put you on a healthier track.

This year, don't let yourself go out of control where money is concerned, don't let it go down the toilet. Be frugal but also be positive. Don't go around chanting the "I can't afford it" mantra. Take a deep look at your skills, because you have some, and write it down. I emphasize "write it down" a list of ways you can earn money with the skills you have. There are many opportunities and the sky is the limit. While we have to be aware of the economy and listen to Suze Orman who gives great advice ( if you haven't watched her on CNBC, get your remote, she's on, on Fridays and Saturdays at 9pm). And for a little extra cash on your free time, try this out, I did. It's fun and it works. Honestly? It won't replace a regular income, but it's some side cash that can come rolling in.

A New Year. A New You - Why not?

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