When stress takes over your life.

I found the previous post "nothing is healthier than a good laugh" worth sharing. It was an email a friend had sent to me and it did give me a good laugh. Laughing is a good remedy for stress, laughing uncontrollably until tears are rolling down your cheeks relieves stress. When stress takes over your life sometimes you don't realize it. Just today I felt completely overcome by it, it destroyed my mood, created bodily tension, my shoulders felt tied in a knot, and it triggered a migraine. I almost felt defeated but thankfully I was conscious enough to recognize the damage it was doing and stopped myself to take a deep breath. I caught myself riding the stress wagon and put the breaks on - STOP.

I stopped everything I was doing to sit and relax myself, taking the time to breath and notice my surrounding, really seeing everything around me. Being conscious of my self and feeling every breath I was taking and the sensation in my lungs. Stress renders us unconscious and we're often on autopilot toward a train wreck. Running around, the phone ringing, text messaging, answering emails, taking care of business and home, kids and all... and no matter how organized we might be, we can still get off track. So we must simply stop, become more conscious, refocus, breath. Put that train back on track and proceed with a smile, better yet, read a really funny joke and start your day over with a great laugh, and watch everything fall into place.

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