The Right Way to Pray

Have you ever wondered why some people say that they've prayed for something and their prayers were answered while others have lost faith in their prayers?

Well the most important ingredient in a prayer is belief in belief itself, this suggests the absence of doubt. The instant you entertain the faintest doubt, your prayers have lost their power. When you pray, you must know that what you have asked for will be answered.

There is higher power, an Infinite Intelligence which many call God, others call Yahweh or Alla, every nation has a different Name for it. It really doesn't matter what name you give this Source, or God, this Infinite Source is there, everywhere, within, without. The Power of the Infinite Source was, is and will always been there, in order to feel it and connect to it, we must plug in. 

Learning to connect to the power of your subconscious mind is connecting to the Infinite Source and everyone has access to It.

The principle of the universal laws work. They never fail. Gravity will never fail, throw a ball off a cliff, it will fall. Matter that is heated will expand, this principle will never fail. Unwavering faith will never fail either. Doubt is the enemy (the obstacle). Jesus came to show us how to pray, not how to worship Him. He also said not to worry about tomorrow but "give us today, our daily bread"... "ask and you shall receive,"and I am reminded of this verse in the Bible:

"if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth" Mark 9:23

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