You can Heal your Life.

Don't let negative thoughts taint your life.

Changing the way you think is the beginning of changing your life. From how you choose your thoughts to how you eat, exercise and work; you are creating a major positive shift in your life and ultimately in the world. Your once difficult, dirty unpaved path soon becomes paved with gold and diamonds as you shift your perception and practice positive thinking. Abundance, good health and well being naturally emerge as the old less healthy thoughts and actions vanish. 

At first you might feel confused or overwhelmed, there are so many aspect of your life that need attention and change. The best way to start is understanding the importance of gratitude.

1. Be grateful for all the good things you already have in your life at this time. Go to sleep each night, listing them and saying a little thank you. You might even be surprised how long the list is.

2. Once you've gotten in the habit of recognizing your blessings, practice positive affirmations. Which ever resonates with you. "I am successful in everything I do" or "money comes to me effortlessly" or "I am healthy and happy". Find the affirmation that evokes strong emotions for these are the ones that will embed themselves deep within your subconscious and begin to manifest in your life.

3. Pay attention to what you eat. I suggest reading the book Quantum Wellness, it will help you realize that eating healthy and organic products not only is good for you, but is good for the environment. What is necessary is to eat consciously.

4. Choose one way you can contribute to a better environment, example: recycle. Or switch your household cleaning products to more eco friendly ones. Again this is also very important for your health and the health of your family. Especially if you have children, you want to create a smart and safe home, a good start for them and an important change for you. It is said that most toxins harmful to your health are found inside your house.

5. Finally, be active. Take a 30 minute walk each day or practice yoga or Pilates. Choose the activity that you enjoy. Your body needs attention as much as your mind. 

These are the first five steps to shifting the way you live. 
1. Gratitude  
2. Positive thinking  
3. Conscious eating 
4. Healthy environment
5. Exercise

Sometimes it might seem like a great effort but soon it will become a natural way of life. I'd like to end this post with a final visual that demonstrates how consistency of positive thinking and action can eliminate negative ones easily and effortlessly.

Fill a glass with muddy water (add a bit of soil and turn the hose on) then bring your glass under the sink and open the clear tap water on it, of course the water will spill over and over until you'll notice that the dirty water slowly is replaced by the clear clean water. It didn't happen instantly, but by consistently pouring in the clean water, the dirty one automatically got eliminated.

Therefore, whenever you feel you're slipping back to your old negative thoughts, switch! Pour in the positive affirmations and hold on to them. Eventually the consistent repetition of your own positive thoughts will cause your old habitual negative way of thinking to disappear once and for all. You will have slowly but surely changed, and remember who You are never changed, for you are perfect. Who you believed you were did!

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