Eco Feminine Hygiene is Getting Easier...

The environmental impact of being a female continues to be HUGE. We charge into the horizon with greater consciousness, daily. Standing firm against a tidal wave of waste: costs, pollution, toxic absorbency, etc. As we demand more options, we are beginning to see the tide change in our favor...

In the past, feminine hygiene has been a toxic experience due to convenience, lack of availability, and costly burdens. As we gain ecological consciousness, we absorb stress from thinking about toxicity and waste in landfills. Also, we absorb toxins from the sanitary napkins and tampons. Convenient living has provided an acidic lining instead of a silver one.

We know our bodies and planet deserve better.

Saving the planet, daily, women are going green. Our ecological awareness promote sustainable living. Monthly, we are looking for better ways to allow our bodies to rejuvenate conveniently and cheaply. Therefore, green solutions are more available than ever! Sustainable products are saving us money and more... Change is our new, chlorine free best friend.

Availability of high quality, Eco-minded feminine products has increased. For example, these chamomile scented bellaflor pads, can be ordered on Amazon or purchased in Target. The experience of giving these pads a try is lovely. They are durable and prove incredible in performance, with aromatic attractiveness to boot.

Comment any other options... "Freedom" is NOT "just another word for nothing left to lose..."

Christy Camp

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Here are a few other options available on Amazon and in Whole Foods. These products are ecologically beneficial and economical too. Save major $$$!
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