The Healing Power of Gemstones

Sapphire, this beautiful and second most popular birthstone after the diamond will surprise you with its healing capacities.

The healing power of gemstones is something we should not overlook, from antiquity to the middle ages, the ancients knew the healing properties of gemstones. As for the Sapphire this month's gemstone, kings and emperors alike placed great value on it, and considered it a great protective stone.

So what healing power does our September birthstone have? Well many people today have been diagnosed with thyroid disorders, which is causing them to experience a significant effect on their energy level. Some of the symptoms of this disorder is fatigue, gaining weight or loss of hair, sometimes even depression appears as the sad consequence of thyroid disorder. Sapphire is known to regulate the function of the thyroid gland. Sapphire also has the healing effect on the nervous system. If you suffer lack of appetite, Sapphire can help there too. Wearing sapphire against your skin strengthens your ability to get better as it strengthens your willpower. Sapphires also are most effective on the forehead chakra, helping to open up the third eye.

It is important to recharge your sapphire stone in sea salt and make sure to avoid sunlight.

Sapphire one of the foundation stones of Jerusalem, can bring great well-being in these areas. Many magical powers have been attributed to this stone. Wether you have a loose stone or one mounted in jewelry that you like to wear, Sapphire represents faith, loyalty and friendship, and will enhance your well-being.

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