Let Us Eat Our Cups.

You just had your breakfast, lunch, dinner, you drank your beverage...now skip the dessert and jump to munching down on your cup, yes your cup, the one you had your beverage in. As the world faces ecological problems because of all that air pollution and the toxic products that we use on a daily basis, we can take the right steps towards our consumption of products. In this case, instead of drinking and throwing our styrofoam cups away, let's just eat that delicious tasty cup! No, this is not a practical joke trying to confuse the daylights out of you, it's an actual green product that's made of seaweed extract that can be eaten after finishing of the drink and also thrown in the garden, as it is biodegradable. A concept thought of by a product design consultancy called THE WAY WE SEE THE WORLD. They have created other edible and non-edible concepts as well, such as a handkerchief that blocks phone signals and a special silicone device for women to collect and store their stem cells.

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