Growing up with Oprah!

If you're an ultimate Oprah Winfrey show viewer, you were probably one of the lucky ones sitting in Harpo Studio witnessing live the premiere show of her final Season. I, on the other hand, just made it home to catch the start of the new Season after picking up my daughter from pre-school, rushing to the grocery store for some chow mein, and mailing a few bills on my way back. If I were an ultimate viewer I would have known the date of the first show right?

Well sorry to say I turned on the tube to realize the Season was launched. Yes I've missed a few shows through out the past 25 years, nevertheless I have been a big fan of this amazing lady who changed the meaning of talk show.

I remember watching the first shows and being hooked. Something about her, the way she reached out to us, resonated with me the same way it did for millions of other viewers world wide. I remember enjoying the show while working on school projects. With friends, family, or alone in my first new apartment. I watched her while packing for my first long trip overseas, crying over lost love, or heartbroken over the demise of a friendship. I basically grew up with Oprah! Discovered great books, and logged on for the first worldwide online classroom with Eckhart Tolle. I think anyone who has been following the show regularly, at some point or another, was moved by something shared on the show which helped in making life changing decisions. There were many such "ah ha" moments for me as well. It's amazing how much Oprah had become a part of my life, my home, my family. And how wonderful that she has been using her success and privilege by bringing us quality television.

What gives me such a good feeling inside is her immense popularity, not because of her or the show itself, but because it is the people who have chosen her, and that says a lot about us as a collective - it gives me hope. We have made her the success that she is because we welcomed her in our homes, tuning in daily. Oprah is a quality woman, with a quality team, who brought us quality programming. She is a reflection of the better part of us.

So... It has been 25 years. I can't believe how fast the years go by, much has happened in my own life, from graduation, career to marriage, birth, death; seeing the end of a wonderful habit like watching the Oprah Winfrey show come to an end just reminds me that life is what happens while we're busy living (didn't John Lennon say someting like that?). Yes all good things must come to an end but as Paul Simon so beautifully sang today at the end of the premiere: "25 years have come and gone, but the story is still unfolding..." - and that is true for all of us now isn't it?

Thank goodness Ellen Degeneres has already moved into our hearts to make Oprah's departure next year less painful. Here's to a great new Season - because the Oprah effect is a good effect!

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