Yama Mama

Kids require undivided attention and genuine love. To give and receive their love, I reached deep in my being. I found an emptiness. Spirituality and Yoga are filling that void.

I believe kids, sometimes, reflect energy from their parents. When I am not balanced, I see the rage come from my 3 year old. Then, I watch my 5 year old negotiate more power in the midst of confusion. In an effort to be a healthy parent, I am learning to tap into ancient rhythm.

Hatha Yoga is derived from thousands of years of practicing behaviors, breathing with pause, and optimizing physical endurance. As guidance, text has been past down: yamas and niyamas. Noted as the essence of spiritual life, I embrace yamas and niyamas to find stability inside the frenzy of time passing.

The Yamas were taught to me as behavioral abstinence: AHIMSA, SATYA, ASTEYA, BRACHMACARYA, and APARAGRAHA.

I have outlined Yamas to reveal how you can be a "yama mama." Rephrase the new words to be memorable, then put them into action. You can feel the difference in the quality of love you are giving and receiving as a parent, after engaging in these Yamas.

1. Ahimsa - no ill will-------------"Ah, he is so..."
Have compassionate intent, and watch for your child's intentions.

2. Satya - universal truth----------I "sat ya" in a time-out chair to see truth
See, speak, and hear truth; illusions fade

3. Asteya - no desire to steal-------"Ah stay" in a state of "ah"
Be content with your possessions; there is no desire to steal in a stay of "ah"

4. Brachmacarya - no lusting-------"Bra my car, ya!"
Have a divine attraction to others; honor the light in beings. Let your child feel a respect for their light; soak up the light pouring from their soul (it happens through osmosis.)

5. Aparigraha - no hoarding---------"a pair of 'graha'"
Focus on simplistic living and simple needs. Hands on readiness is easier with less clutter.

As a mama, on a bad day, I have not been the best role model with a bitter and a depressed shroud. As a Yama Mama, I am a divine feminine goddess that calmly walks and talks. Joy radiates from my existence (no kidding).

Enjoying motherhood, in a fast paced life, is challenging. I want to seize every moment, as kids do.... I feel that I could catch up to a Kindergartner's pace with practice. Balanced energy takes practice at any age.

Christy Camp, RYTT


Anonymous said...

Cool! You're outline yamas with rephrased words are really memorable :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully said! I love Yama mamma!!