The Spice of Gold

Saffron, found in parts of Europe and Asia is the gold standard for spices. We use this flavorful spice in our cooking and for seasoning. They're pretty much pricey by weight, one of the most expensive spices there is and not abundant, they actually need thousands of flowers to simply harvest an ounce of its red stigmas.

As many other herbs and spices that I would use for cooking and tea, I also make the right choice in their medicinal properties. When it comes to saffron, it not only treats digestive problems, inflammation, depression, menstrual problems, prevention of cholesterol buildup and high blood pressure, but believe it or not--and I am not talking about the show which aired from 1982 to 1986 on ABC--I'm talking about saffron's ability to fight and destroy cancer. In the early nineties research had been done by an Indian scientist S.C. Nair that showed the inhibitive effects of saffron extracts on the growth of tumor cells. Many scientists from Greece, Spain and other parts of the world support these findings that indicate saffron has anticancer effects. It has been proven to stop the formation of tumors, and just recently I saw a Doctor Oz episode where he points out that saffron, upon entering the cancer cells, sends a signal that makes the tumor commit suicide.

He did mention that saffron could be the cure for cancer in the future.
The history of saffron's use in the treatment of dozens of illnesses dates back about 4,000 years, and may play an important role in our history for years to come...For now I use a pinch of this precious spice, put it in a cup of hot filtered water and drink it as tea!

I passed along all this information to a couple of family friends of ours that have been stricken with this terrible disease and positively await better results. As I share this valuable information with others, you could share it also and give a lot of hope for anyone that you know with this illness.

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Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

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love the info, and i will try saffron as tea!

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