Water, a basic human right. Are we being fooled?

Does your water bottle have a label stating where the water came from? 40% of bottled water is filled with filtered water from your tap. We put trust in these self regulated industries who basically are taking municipal water and selling it back to us. And what about the bottles themselves? 

These practical bottles we carry around when we go to the gym, for a walk, to keep ourselves quenched while pregnant, give to our children, leave in our cars just in case... what about these? Bottled water is packaged in P.E.T. and the primary chemical in P.E.T. is Parazilene, a clear liquid derived from refining crude oil. To manufacture plastic water bottles 714 million gallons of oil is used, enough to fuel 100,000 cars. 1.5 tons of plastic is made each year.

And let's not forget also the 5 gallon water jugs found in many homes and at water coolers, they are made of Bisphenol A (BPA) the most potent toxic compounds known to man. Independent tests of chemical compounds from seven water bottle brands were sent to several labs. One researcher said "if you knew or read all the data found, you'll be horrified!"

Obesity, diabetes, brain disorders, liver disease, ovarian disease, the list goes on.... but who cares, it's all about turning a profit and therefore the industry will do everything and spend a lot of money to convince the consumer that these products are safe.

If you’re concerned about the quality of the water from your tap, and you should be, you can have a filter system set up for your tap. Or a filter jug in your fridge. These will provide you with clean water without the disposable plastic. It is cheaper than buying bottled water and much more greener. If you're looking for convenience on the road, then fill up your own reusable eco-friendly container from home.

Get more detailed information about the water industry, the harm being done to our oceans, the diseases it is causing, learn about the baby boomers who are putting up a successfully fight, and the future of water, our basic necessity by getting the video Tapped

Make 2011 a year of deeper awareness and share what you learn. A great documentary film made over a year ago! A powerful film worth seeing if you haven't seen it yet.

" Keep water a basic Human right.... don't let it become a commodity!"

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