Year of the Rabbit! Love your Rabbit, celebrate Strength, accept Quirks

I am surrounded by rabbits.  Grayish-brown cottontails roam freely where I live in Conejo (“Rabbit”) Valley.  In my kitchen, I have a relief of a mother rabbit and her babies.  And my husband is a Rabbit in this new Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

I love horoscopes because they remind me that others are not supposed to be like me.  The realization that others have different approaches to life gives me compassion and strengthens my relationships, especially with my husband.

Some words used to describe Rabbits are kind-hearted, friendly, wise, thoughtful, sensitive, and astute.  Rabbits need to feel safe and secure and they love peace and beauty.  Rabbits think ahead, looking for exit strategies and alternate plans.

I’m a hardworking Horse but I don’t have the urgency a Rabbit has to make sure everything is secure and well-planned before he can relax and enjoy the day.  However, in every emergency my husband has encountered, he has been a natural first responder, acutely aware of the situation and jumping right in to do what needs to be done.

Rabbits are good communicators and diplomats, and are well suited to occupations that work closely with other people.  I don’t think it’s accidental that my husband uses these skills every day at work.  They are also loving and caring parents.  I can attest to his dedication in comforting his children and showing his love for them.

On the surface, rabbits appear skittish and docile.  But I know they have definite opinions and a strong will.  They need their space to do things slowly, deliberately, and cautiously.  Although not a natural extrovert, they are warm and charming once in a social gathering.  They are not risk-takers, either in business or in their hobbies.

Every sign – and every person -- has “negative” traits.  Rabbits are prone to being moody and fussy.  Any conflict can accelerate into a flight-or-fight situation when he feels cornered by a critical comment, no matter how well-intentioned.

Our moon is said to have an image of a rabbit on it.  More than one culture has a story about the moon which includes bravery and sacrifice by the rabbit.  My son’s third-grade Moon Journal has us all contemplating the different phases of the moon this month.  We can’t wait to see the next full moon, and find the Rabbit that lives in the moon.

A Rabbit is considered a lucky sign.  I’ll pass on owning a rabbit’s foot for good luck.  I’d rather the rabbit enjoy its own luck.  Green is the color of the Rabbit and is associated with the color of Spring, happiness, and inner peace.  Red brings the Chinese good luck and they use it in their new year’s decorations for their home.  To me, red means love and passion and symbolizes our next holiday…  Happy Valentine’s Day, my love, my Rabbit!

~ Annette René

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