Crying washes the pain away and kills bacteria too.

Have you ever felt tears on a hot Spring day? 
They stream out of your eyes so effortlessly and slowly roll down your face cool as a winter breeze. Carving a straight consistent path on each cheek, lazily reaching the edge of your chin where you're sure they will drip off and fly away, but somehow they curve in and continue their journey tickling your neck.

And if you're experiencing tears while driving with the window down, you'll realize that as soon as they've  passed your Adam's apple, your face, still feeling cool, has already dried up. Your eyes are relaxed and the pain that was beginning to throb in your head (due to the various reasons you cried in the first place) has dissipated. You take advantage of the red light to pass your hands over your face to make sure any trace of tears has truly disappeared. A quick look in the rear view mirror to see how red your eyes have become makes you roll down the windows further in hopes the wind will revert them back to their normal vibrant state.

Finally you arrive to where ever you were going. You put on your sun glasses, from fear your friends might guess what you've been up to on your way. A smile, you might think would feel fake after the tearful moment you just experienced, but it doesn't, you actually feel refreshed and ready to socialize.

Crying. It makes you feel better!

We shouldn't take our tears for granted, they were created with great purpose, they heal us emotionally but they also help lubricate our eyeballs preventing dyhydration. Did you know tears contain lysozyme which kills up to 95% of bacteria in minutes? Yes, so don't be ashamed of them, they are there for many reasons. Tears remove toxins, William Frey, researcher and biochemist, will tell you of studies showing that emotional tears formed in distress, grief, frustration often if not always contain more toxic byproducts. Therefore letting your emotions out in a burst of tears removes these nasty toxins from your body.

Crying. It Reduces stress. Elevates mood. And what I've always known, it releases feelings you accumulated in your mind and heart which if not dealt with can wreak havoc with your nervous system and overall health.

Someone once told me "God created tears to wash your pain away". I agree. A good cry does just that, and once in a while it's what is necessary to bring that smile back on your face again.

Speaking of Smiling, and oddly enough, stay tuned tomorrow for a new article "Smiling Hurts"


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