Bin Laden - Dead

"The world is safer. It is a better place because of the death of Osama bin Laden," declared President Barack Obama, hours after U.S. forces killed the al-Qaida leader. They then ferried the body out for a quick burial at sea.

The world is safer? If the world is safer, why the extra precaution taken all across the nation's airports in fear of retaliation to avenge Bin Laden's death?
As I listened to the news on the radio while driving to the grocery store with my list of fruits and vegetables, I wondered why they didn't capture him instead, put him on trial instead, bring him to justice - alive, instead. 

Bin Laden's death after a decade on the run unloosed a national wave of euphoria mixed with remembrance for the thousands who died in the Sept. 11 2001

We also remember the thousands dead because of the wars in Afganistan, and Iraq which followed 9/11 - I pay the sales clerk and carry my two full bags of groceries out in the heat of the southern California sun and into my car. I drive away feeling really nothing much regarding this sudden news of Bin Laden being shot and killed while using three women as shield. Except for a little chuckle at his cowardliness, I didn't have a strong reaction if any at all, not even last night when I first heard of the good news.

Today all radio and t.v stations are talking about Bin Laden, how he was shot, the Navy Seals, the state of the Nation and the World. Correspondence from Afghanistan, from Pakistan, Obama's speech, burials at sea... is he really dead? Waiting for the release of pictures, while crowds gather in New York and around the country celebrating, chanting what we used to chant when our team won the Stanley Cup ya ya ya goodbye! Some convinced this is the beginning of resolutions in the Middle East (are they living in lala land?), others are fearing terror attacks. 

Finally I come home, put away my groceries and find president Obama and his wife on the Oprah Winfrey show, both looking very sharp - obviously a pretaped show.

According to officials who declined to be identified by name, bin Laden was shot in the head during a firefight, and his body was identified to near 100 percent certainty through DNA testing.

The only moment I found myself feeling anything at all during the entire breaking news day is when I saw the picture of president Obama, Hillary Clinton and company, sitting watching the attack on Bin Laden on live feed. Clinton's hand covering her face, looking speachless, and the intensity on president Obama's face watching what ever he was witnessing live, this image gave me chills and my heart sank. 

This will be a photograph that will for ever portray yet another day in history.

Now as the people in Time Square rejoice, screaming USA - USA! with pride and satisfaction, I must go prepare supper to feed my family.
source: yahoo

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