Help Save Trancas Canyon Nursery with Emails and Comments

Dear Parents, Gardeners, and Nature Lovers

This post is associated with a strong, current outpouring of Love and Thanks to plead with Developers of Trancas Canyon Market. The Trancas Canyon Nursery is threatened with an EVICTION NOTICE by out of state developers. They need to hear from all of us, 310 to 818 to 805. Malibu and all Conejo Valley value of this gardeners' dream and parents' refuge near Broad Beach.

We have a Facebook page we ask you to join and post on to show strength in numbers:  
Save Trancas Nursery

As a witness to a Beautifully Authentic –Vanishing-- Dream Come True for parents and gardeners, I am spreading the word of this free admittance informative nursery and animal habitat, Trancas Canyon Nursery in Malibu. For families like mine, it is a garden center/kids play-learn nature preserve. The EVICTION NOTICE from the owners of the land is a nightmare. I support the kind and helpful business owners of the gardens to gently persuade land owners to allow Trancas Canyon Nursery to Stay! 

Trancas Canyon Nursery is a treasure for kids and parents. "Sustainable Living," is a challenge for us all. To step up to the challenge, parents inspire and encourage kids to grow, love, share, sustain and promote peace with awareness of Earth. For my family, gardening and learning to grow fruits and vegetables have been priceless lessons.

Embracing our children and ourselves, as we are, takes a peaceful atmosphere. Trancas Canyon Nursery oozes peace and tranquility rewarding parents and any backyard garden project with wholesome freshness, organic kids and enriched family life. At this gardeners’ sanctuary, my boys are far from restless and "sustainability" is understandable term. We coexist and discuss our garden and nature. They adore Trancas Canyon Nursery. For 3 hours, Monday, they peacefully enjoyed quiet adventures there.

Trancas Canyon Nursery is a holistic healing practitioners’ gardening dream come true. As a kids’ yoga therapy teacher, who embraces the healing properties of nature, I am sad to think of losing Trancas Canyon Nursery. Our imagination and peaceful intentions have no end, there. We are calm, learning and discussing life and sustainable farming within a gated garden paradise. Walking steadily upon winding pathways, in and out of shade, has extraordinary benefits. Breathing lush and fragrant vegetation amplifies our oxygenation, to say the least.
A staff of confidence inspiring gardeners teach us, as they care for the grounds. My kids and I are learning to back-yard garden, at Trancas Canyon Nursery. There, we enjoy discussing our gardening options and techniques. On Monday, the staff's helpful attitude, knowledge and experience adorned me with confidence as my boys made incredible memories. Visit the grounds, today, and learn to successfully garden with patience.

Please, help save Trancas Canyon Nursery. Give this tranquil garden a few minutes of your time and effort!!!! It will stay open and free to the public ONLY by the grace of the out of state developers. They need to know how much it means to you and me. Visit soon to grasp the welcoming and enduring community feel of Malibu, before this plot of nature is transformed into something less natural. Let your kids experience what Malibu youth, parents and gardeners have cherished for years!

To support this effort, please copy and paste the following letter with your name and address and email it to Carla, a Malibu Resident, at It doesn't matter if you are not a Malibu resident. This is just a letter to show support for the Garden Center and the spirit of community.

Letter to the Owner of Trancas Canyon Mart,
We are extremely saddened to learn that you have asked the Trancas Canyon Nursery (OUR Garden Center) to leave their location. We are asking that you change this decision and allow this Nursery to stay exactly where it is, serving our community so well.
Trancas Canyon Nursery is the heart and soul of the Trancas area. This charming small nursery and its employees are an integral and important element of the western Malibu community. They have consistently over their many years served residents and visitors with nothing less than exceptional care and warmth. There is simply no replacing them. They bring us time and again to the market to shop.

We as a community do not want them to leave our neighborhood.
Your willingness to extend their lease and allow them to say will be supported and appreciated by the Malibu community. Your good will in this matter will be remembered and will surely contribute greatly to the success of your new venture.
Thank you,

(Sign name and address, etc. here)

Additional pages for your comments and experiences are very welcome!!

Read (below) forwarded messages to see more ways to help: talk, forward, or petition by sending your comments and additional letters. Malibu residents have been surrounding this sacred spot, now residents of all Conejo Valley are becoming aware of the threatening EVICTION NOTICE received this year.

Time is ticking to visit!! As of April 25, 2011, near Broad Beach in Malibu, Trancas Canyon Nursery and Garden Center is an established and flourishing garden of nature love, peace, and bliss.
This “spot” of peaceful bliss, is vanishing in a couple of weeks. Please help Trancas Canyon Nursery Owners stay on this land it has inhabited many years!
Another letter explaining thoughts and feelings.

Dear Malibu friends,
I arrived home late the night before last after 12 days, three cities, and ten parenting presentations. 
As always, when I got back into Malibu, I felt a deep sigh of relief and appreciation for this beautiful home town of ours. 

Last night I picked up the local paper and discovered that the Malibu Trancas Garden Center had been given 30 days notice. What? I had been told that regardless of what happened with the Trancas shopping area, the Garden Center would be preserved. As we all know so well, it is a haven in our corner of paradise; one of the last vestiges of the best of Malibu, where chickens and kids and friendly conversation are given room to flower, along with the beautiful blooms. I wrote an email to a couple of people suggesting we stage some kind of protest, and then as I drove to Spruzzo's tonight, found myself unexpectedly pulling the car over to take a quick walk on the beach.

I immediately ran into Carla McCloskey, another long-time Malibu lover and resident, who said, "Please help spread the word about..." Before she could finish her sentence, I knew she was talking about the Garden Center. As we spoke, we both felt moved to do whatever we could to help keep the Garden Center from succumbing to the bulldozer. Perhaps a protest? Some media exposure? Articles that make it beyond Malibu? Our vision is to gently persuade the Chicago-based (?) owners of the project to see the value in keeping the Trancas Garden Center, recognizing it as the tremendous asset it is to the community, and promoting--rather than diminishing--good will as they begin their project.
Please join us Sunday, May 1 at 11:00, hopefully with media attention focusing on the demise of the Mom and Pops, and the need for locals--not just in Malibu, but all over the country--to take a stand.
When I was in Kansas City recently--my home town--I was staggered by how the newer parts of town had been developed in such a way as to make them virtually indistinguishable from every other part of the country with strip malls and sanitized shops. We who have lived in Malibu for decades are aware of the need to defend the natural beauty of our fair city, and do all we can to preserve it.

I have created a Facebook group where we can put our heads and hearts together to share ideas for preserving the Trancas Garden Center from being bulldozed.  

Please share the link with your friends.
With all the very best,
Susan Stiffelman
We already have articles in both of the Surfside News and the Malibu Times and the Huffington Post.
Letters to the editor of the Malibu papers are always good. Also calls to the management company could help at 310-994-2694.
We are planning a protest in front of the Garden Center on May Day, Sunday, May 1 at 11AM.
We would love for you to join us, to help us, to spread the word--whatever you can do is appreciated.
Thank you!

Christy Camp, RYT
Westlake Village, CA

Blanket your heart with total acceptance;
Cough up your anger, and then you may fill the void with love;
Awaken a swarm of love bees in your veins;
Breath is only what you make of it; breathe your destiny into reality;
Be without fear; begin breathing peace;
Calm your performance driven self; dream bigger and let go of the reigns;
Blow your mind with serenity. 


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