"Going Green," Breeds More than Passion

Thinking about "going green" is half of the story. With our minds on board, our body can ease into change. With an extreme amount of effort, we can change our habits. Our cells can be renewed completely, with little trace of our past.

As any new idea, green living can compel our body to rejuvenate.

Looking to build relationships and further a "green initiative" in my body and mind, I attended an Earth Day Event this year. It felt very healing to walk among Earth Centered Minds: vendors, organizations and information. As, I bonded with individuals about eco and healing topics, I felt inspired. Passion for our Earth and Humanity is alive and well.

Loving life is a common thread that stretches throughout time.

Thankful to live and breath, I am feeling passionate about living green. My passion is fueled by relationships and efforts to live. Living to enjoy life feels different than living to survive!

Kids are soaking up the knowledge and behavior changes. Perhaps their cells renew faster than mine... Kids adapt quickly to the idea that Earth is worth protecting. Understanding how to care for Earth is becoming a way of living.

Please, share your kids' experiences with green living. Learning from experience, they make it look easy. We can soak up their passion for life, and let them soak up our passion for life. Rejuvenation is reciprocal.

Living to breathe,

Christy Camp

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