Yoga Postures to Blow Out Bad Energy and Hot Air

This breathing technique will reset your motive to "Go!"

Commonly called "Wind Releasing." Practicing this set of postures allows you to expel excess hot air to find a steady and achievable breathing pattern.

Set your next goal with five to ten sets of "Blow out.."

Choose an intention for your day or goal, then let everything related to that intention reside in your breath. Inhale intention. Exhale determination.

To Blow out and Begin Anew, follow these steps.

Stand in Mountain (tall and calm.)
Exhale to ground through your feet.
Inhale to set your intention throughout your body.

Inhale shoulders up.
Exhale shoulders around and down.

Spread legs into a wide Upward Stretch (3 feet), with arms raised straight up from shoulders.
Exhale to ground your hips down through your feet. This will establish the resistance necessary to stretch the spine and calm the nervous system.
Inhale to lengthen up through your spine, back of neck, crown, and forehead.

Bend knees slightly, with all joints loose and muscle bands active.
Exhale, while tightening your abdominal muscles, slowly bend at your hips' crease. The crown of your head is the last thing to fall toward the floor.

Stay in this forward bend for a few deep breaths. (especially if tension is disturbing your energy flow)

Inhale, keep abs tight, and reset your posture upright by rolling up one vertebrae at a time, until you are standing in Mountain.

Repeat and enjoy the fresh oxygen!

Christy Camp, RYTT

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