Kids Ask and Answer: Why Compost?

Eco-Worm faces the ultimate question from a 7 year old child. In a course designed to teach worm-composting to kids, a young lad asks, "Why Do We Compost?"

As the leader of the class, I say,“This is Christy C. Camp, Reporting for Wiggle N’ Squirm. I have a quick question for the class about composting. Why do we compost? Raise your hand to be interviewed. I write answers in a notebook, and report what I have heard.

1. So, there is less garbage and pollution.
2. Worms can’t live in landfills to turn banana peels into soil because of toxic sludge. It turns into bad gasses (pollution) and un-healthy worms.
3. So, worms have food to eat, and they keep soil aerated.
4. So , we have more soil to grow more food.

Kids are brilliant!
I love my job.

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