Vermicomposting is Cooler than Composting!

The main difference between vermicomposting (a.k.a. composting with worms) and ordinary composting is speed. Worms cause the processing time to be cut in half. Worms create air and eat the composting material. The other big difference is temperature. Composting is HOT. Vermicomposting is cooler, worms should be shaded to keep them at the right temperature.

What Do Worms Eat?

Worms love to eat fruits, vegetables, and coffee grounds!!!
Worms love to eat (presoaked) cardboard, newspaper, hair, and dryer lint!!
Worms love to eat (presoaked) dead leaves, used tea leaves, and dried grass!
*Tiny pieces are best!
Cut Food and Presoaked paper in blender/food processor for the fastest compost ever. Worms Can Eat Tiny moist pieces Fast.
Leaving out the following scraps will keep your worms happy and pest-free.
not Citrus
not Onion
not Meats
not Dairy
not Greasy Foods
not Breads/Grains
not Bones/Fish
not Green Grass (TOO HOT, freshly cut, dry the grass before feeding worms)
not glossy paper
not Twigs/Braches
not Pet Waste (cat,dog,bird)
If you have a question about worm-composting, then send Christy Camp an email at Thanks!

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