Fall into Universal Acceptance by Opening YOUR Hips: Manifest Destiny

Summer swelter or heated den, warmth allows natural openings in your joints. FALL into Fall - Soak up the last warm vibes left by summer to increase the range in your hips. Maybe, choose a hip opening posture to practice daily... How about one of the oldest and easiest, like SQUAT?

"Tis the season, let autumn be the opportunity of a life-time. Thankfully your life has great purpose.

Release your intentions upon the Universe.

Concentrate your energy and body heat into your hips to expand your mobility and self-worth. Re-evaluate how much value your being deserves. Respect your space.
One of easiest hip openers is SQUAT. Utilized throughout time as a posture for eating and working with your hands at ground level, leveling your hips to squat can increase your vitality instantly.
Strike a pose, like squat, that balances your body as soon as you wake. Or, clear your thoughts in this posture just before bed. After standing or walking, supported squatting brings relaxation. This pose is safe for most people at any stage of life. Even during pregnancy, this yoga pose is beneficial to a body in first, second or third trimester. During pregnancy squatting helps pelvic floor muscles relax. Squatting during labor, with support of pillows or labor coach, may facilitate birth.

SQUAT (Supported Squatting Posture)
If you pre-place a firm pillow or stack of blankets under you, then you can hold the posture sitting in squat.
You may start against a wall to get a feel of this posture in proper alignment. Slide down the wall with the spine engaged to the wall
To ease into this pose, you could place your hands on the floor in front.
Alternatively, taking turns in a round of checkers is not a bad idea.
Begin to squat from standing with your feet 1 to 2 feet apart.
Allow the weight of your body to reside in the outside of your feet (toes turned out slightly)
Keep feet parallel
Tilt your hips forward to open your hips; widen knees
Inhale to raise your arms overhead
Exhale to hold hands together at the center of your chest (palms in); bend your knees and allow your elbows to widen knees
Place elbows to inner thighs and press palms together. Inhale and press elbows sideways. Exhale and relax inner thigh muscles. Lift chest and elongate spine.
When this stretch becomes easy, widen legs and increase outward pressure of elbows on inner thighs.
Bring your bottom down slowly
Focus your eyes on a spot in front of you; straighten your spine to feel the sun shine into your spinal column like a shaft of pure, golden light. Concentrate to keep your back straight and tall like a pencil
Keeping your feet parallel is important, so adjust your feet to widen if necessary.
Hold squat for 2 minutes or more.
Bring down your bottom as close as possible to the floor standing firmly on your flattened feet
Tuck your coccyx (tail bone) in under BEFORE SITTING!!!

Straight Forward Yoga Therapy - The therapeutic aspects of SQUAT are intwined with vitality. This posture brings opening to the back of the heart. Encourages a pragmatic attitude. Relieving tensions, pain, blocks in the lower back / pelvic / anus / colon / intestines / genitals and removes menstrual clogs, hernia and constipation. Letting go of stress and fear, you LIVE. Strengthen legs and abdomen with this pose. Immediately relief from sciatica, from flight-soreness and jet lag. This posture can become your chance to embrace life despite gravity and dis-ease.

Discover the benefits of yoga as you stretch and breathe. Experience & cultivate the essence of calmness in mind & body. Relax your nervous system to allow connectivity of your intuition and emotions, while fine tuning your endocrine gland system. Heighten your vibration & flow of the energetic body.

Intent of yoga practice:
love . compassion . joy . equanimity . balance . union . deep relaxation . balance mood . increase range of motion . improve circulation . trust & comfort with healing touch . detoxification . improve digestion . energy boost . relief from chronic pain . heightened meditative state enspire & liberate the mind & body, yolk with infinity & intuition

Christy Camp, RYTT

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