Juice Fasting, detox your body in ten days

Day 5
I faultered :(

Of all times to start a juicing fast, I picked the worst. School week/work week! Not only do I have to mind the family store, I had to change my schedule and begin waking up earlier to be able to organize my day, have my daughter breakfast, dressed and ready with a lunch box for her first days in Kindergarten; plus I had to get at least 2 liters of juice done for the day. (They recommend you should drink it right away but we manage to keep it a full day but any longer wouldn't be good anymore.)

First day of school August 24 was the most hectic, emotional day I've had in a long time, I could have used a good sunny side up double eggs with toast that morning. I already had to attend the day before equally hectic gathering to meet the teacher and have ice cream (which I passed, salivating). The morning of her first day my husband came along. The school was crowded with parents everywhere hovering over their child, taking pictures, wishing them a great day - especially kindergartners like mine. Once the kids walked into their respective classrooms, the parents begun to leave. My husband and I were relieved and walked to the car breathing finally, and looking forward to a fresh orange juice waiting back at home.

At work, we were so busy we often would forget to drink which is bad because then you get way too hungry and just want a quick fix. But we got through it. On my daughter's third day of school, (I am the one driving back and forth from work to school to drop her and pick her up), I caught a bug, got a runny nose and a heavy head, feeling lousy. Last night I begged my husband for some vegetable soup at a nearby restaurant as I was too exhausted and sick to go home and juice and make a salad ready, but he said he'd cook instead.

Yes we broke the Juicing fast temporarily to have a hot spicy chicken noodle soup. I felt much better, the fever that was starting up reduced at once, I have to give credit to the cayenne pepper I sprinkled in my soup. It decongested me right away and I didn't need to medicate myself.

Today is Saturday, the day is more relax and we're back on track with the juice fasting. I got the morning juice done, made of gala apples, Asian pears and a few grapes. And the days juice, which combines, green apples, Asian pears, celery and mostly carrots - this is my favorite recipe, as it goes down easily.

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