Loosing weight the healthy way

I wish 
I looked 
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Following up on the juicing fast my husband and I started last Monday, we did pretty good the first five days, until I caught a cold and caved to have a hot chicken soup. The weekend wasn't any better, after juicing fruits and vegetable all week and sticking to it, we ended up doing home made tacos on Sunday evening. During that day I went swimming which made me very hungry and craving carbs; and of course my girlfriend had brought a bag of chips which I plunged into without a second thought.

Am I disappointed? No, I am realistic, and I'll tell you why the end of the week became more difficult to stick to our fast - the food had diminished! The lack of choice became an obstacle. Today, completely depleted, staring at an empty fridge with only a few oranges left to juice, it was time to go spend another $40 on groceries.

Back on track, this week we return to juicing. This time however, we are including nuts in our diet and one healthy meal for lunch ie: salad with avocado or kidney beans or walnuts etc... the one thing we are very proud of is having stayed away from eating bread.

No bread, no meat, no fish this week. Come Friday evening we'll probably treat ourselves to a nice supper and be a bit more lenient on the weekend while still avoiding the bread and red meat. We've missed the boat regarding the detoxification, but we're still on track when it comes to loosing the weight and incorporating more exercise in our lives.

I have lost five pounds now, and my husband has lost three. If he looses three lbs each week that's 12lbs a month, 24lbs in 60 days. Not bad - I say!

For more ideas on what to juice, and what combination result in the best tasting juices go to this SITE.

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