2012 approaching fast, what will it all mean, and how do you find peace in this chaotic world?

I don't claim to be an expert on this 2012 subject matter, one thing I am sure of is that I am part of a world that is rapidly changing. Moving at a pace like never before. The industrial age developed within a hundred years, the communication age, within ten, where are we headed now?

Sometimes I forget to breath (let's take a deep breath - Ahhhh). Yes I actually have to talk myself into deep breaths. With so much to do and an overwhelming feeling that often leaves me exhausted, waiting to exhale.

So, these days we are hearing a lot about the different theories of December 2012; with several doomsday documentaries and films already made regarding the Mayan Calendar, is there anyone who hasn't heard of it? It is hard to avoid the topic, hard to deny the times we're living in. From the world economic state to the wars still raging, the global insecurity is at a height where I am physically getting dizzy and aggravated to a point where I don't even want to hear the evening news anymore. Though they get me just about anywhere I go, the bank, gas station, anywhere they can put up a screen.

The global economic collapse to me is an indication of the wrongs committed in our society. The ever increasing presence of porn which include children, an indication of the evil that is growing in jaded people's sick and unquenchable thirst for sexual satisfaction. The amount of animal cruelty that exists in our nation and world wide, an indication of blatant disrespect for life. Have people's hearts turn so cold?The endless pursuit of more, more money regardless of those who don't even have a bowl of rice to fill their empty stomachs, yet another indication of dirty greed which goes as far as scamming the elderly out of their savings.

With 2012 doomsday and Armageddon revelations spread across the internet and all the scary scenarios out there, some are stocking up on water and can food, others (more wealthy ones) building themselves bunkers. 

I think we're all going bonkers if you ask me!

I've come across a couple of documentaries that have a more positive spin about 2012, and the one common denominator is "change". A drastic change will occur or is already occurring according to some experts. This change might be on a global economic level or on a consciousness level.

A wonderful film I recently viewed, staring Sting no less, brought a lot of new understanding about the 2012 phenomenon. It presents 2012 as a time of transformation and great potential for human kind. One expert made an interesting point about our times and system, comparing it to a car with parts not built well or working properly, he said "no matter how well a driver you might be, the car will eventually crash".

The system itself must change before we can truly get out of this global mess we're in. Can we make it happen?

I believe we need to be still and be confident, alert and watchful but we should not panic. The world will not end! Reach for the highest ground and meditate in order to awaken the wisdom that is within you, and the Spirit that will direct you in the right places, at the right time will help you in times like these. Yes it is smart to have first aid kits and good food supply in your home in case of earthquakes or any kind of natural catastrophe (specially if you live in an area like California as I do). More importantly, I think we need to turn to Spirit, and seek its guidance. Get off our high horse and realize there is more to us than us, we are spirits having this human experience, and we need to shift our perception from the material world to a more inward and spiritual world. It doesn't mean we shouldn't work hard to pay the bills and have a nice home and good food on our table, but people so often forget to be grateful for the little things in life which truly are more important.

So be prepared. Walk with the knowledge of possibilities, every day, every action we make is changing the outcome of our future. Don't surrender to predetermined scenarios but accept that change always comes with pain, just as a child is born to a screaming mother (and a nearly fainting father). A new world will be born.

I met a gentleman once who said that having the "Holy Zohar" pocket book with you, in your home and where ever you go; and meditating upon it whether you can read the content or not, has a mysterious protective and healing property. I now personally own one, this little blue book of Healing and Protection is always with me. While I will daily open it and meditate on healing and protection among other things, I will also pray each morning and evening a little prayer that if anything takes me out of the daily grind and snaps me back into a state of peace and well-being. A moment where I am still. In that moment many of my problems are solved. Solutions are found. Concerns I might have had are replaced with certainty. I start and finish my day knowing that everything is as it is and Now is all I have. What once troubled me in this world now leaves me unfazed.

Living in fear is a waste of energy and quickly takes you out of control - return to your breath, your self awareness. If it is hard, use the tools available such as prayer, meditation, yoga, the Mala beads, Zohar or the wise words uttered by Jesus 2000 years ago. 2012 or 2022, I know life will continue no matter what, the question is what kind of life will we be living. A new fresh enlightened one, or a diminished, sad and destructive one? Either way, WE will make it happen.

2012 time for change

Watch the Moroccan Miracle - be inspired - believe. Stranger things have happened.

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